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Who We Are

Recuperaciones Marugán, S.L. is a company founded in 2011 and located in Andorra (Teruel). Previously, operating since 1985 in El Papiol (Barcelona) with the name of Femar Cargo, SL

Since 2014 it has established a new plant at ArcelorMittal Avilés (Asturias).

The main activity focuses on the recovery of refractory material of all types of
industrial furnaces (cement, steel, lime, glass, ceramic, enamel ...).

We have the Authorization of Non - Hazardous Waste Manager as well as the Authorization Carrier of Non - Hazardous Waste. To carry out this service, we have dump and gondola trucks

At this moment, you are launching a new line of activity based on the demolition of furnaces and then we're enable to make better use of waste.





 Since 2011, Recuperaciones Marugán has been doing its business classification and recovery; over the years, the volume of production and sales volume has been increasing year by year, becoming one of the leading companies in the field of recovery nationally and internationally.

At the moment we work, managing the refractory material for major cement companies such as Cemex Spain, Holcim Spain, Cementos Portland Valderrivas, Cementos Tudela Veguin, Cementos Lemona, etc. For major steel companies
such as Arcelormittal Spain, Gerdau Sidenor, Tubular Products, Acerálava (Tubacex), Celsa, Gallardo Group. As well as to the main ceramic companies, as Pamesa and Porcelanosa, among others. Recuperaciones Marugán currently continues its international expansion, primarily in Europe.

Lines of Work

  • Collection and classification refractory

    Collection and classification refractory

    Refractory materials arrive at the main plant, located in Andorra to be classified and valued whith the machinery adapted for that purpose, such as screening machine. Furthermore, if our custormer disposed it, we moved to their facilities to treat the materials there.

  • Crushing process and packing

    Crushing process and packing

    Depending on the type of refractory material, some may be used by our customers in brick, and others have to be subjected to a grinding process to be reduced to different grain sizes, for this we have a grinding mill. Additionally with this process materials are cleaned of any kind of external contamination and very high levels of quality are guaranteed.The grinded materials are bagged in big bags to be supplied to our customers.

  • Lines from work



  • Andalucita yellow
  • Andalucita White
  • 40% Alumina Refractory
  • Bauxite
  • Mullite
  • Sliding Gates and Noozels
  • Porcelain


  • Furnace Magnesite Carbon
  • Converter Magnesite Carbon
  • Ladle Magnesite Carbon
  • Cooked Magnesite
  • Spinel Magnesite

Ferrous Material



    Recuperaciones Marugán, S.L.
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